Want to prove to your audience that you are a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your field? Want to provide additional resources to your visitors so they bookmark your site as the "go to" for information related to your product or service? If so, then our eBook writing experts can help.


At ForumLinkBuilding.com, our eBook producers work with our clients to create unique content that serves not only as an informative source for visitors, but can also help distinguish you as a leader in your niche market. But we also realize that sharing information through eBooks, with website visitors, can be a powerful marketing tool as well. And that's what differentiates us from our competitors!


"Authors" are great at writing books. However, eBook writing is a unique skill that most authors do not possess. That's because it takes a combination of skills to produce a truly useful eBook. You need an SME - so research is a key skill. You need to be a skillful online content creator. You need to be adept at online marketing. Knowledge of keyword use and search engine algorithms is vital. And you need to understand customer demographics and business concepts.

Quite often, you'll need to go to several companies to get all of those skills to produce your eBook. At ForumLinkBuilding.com however, we offer all of those skills under a single roof. And that's what you get with us as your partners!  


Depending on what your unique need is, we tailor our eBook writing engagement accordingly. You may want to see just technical information in your eBook, while others would like to use the eBook as a source to market their products or services. Some clients prefer to have their eBooks made "generic", while others like seeing specific content in the eBook they distribute. Whatever your needs are, we ensure that the eBooks we create look the way you want it.


Our eBook creators are familiar with a wide range of online e-content creation standards, including guidelines laid down by W3C, ezinearticles.com or Amazon Kindle. We follow those rules, as well as any specific instructions that you have, and produce eBooks that look and feel the way you envisioned.


Our pledge to our clients include:


  • Prompt and courteous response to your inquiries
  • Respect for your privacy and proprietary information
  • 100% original content
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Editing and proofreading of the highest quality, both in terms of grammar and punctuation, as well as relevance of content
  • Professional and ethical dealings at all times


Whatever the subject, whatever the audience, our eBook writing service ensures that your content is produced to match your needs. Well researched, well written and well formatted.


So go ahead and contact us today, and see what a difference we will make for your business!